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Invest in your Education

Financial Aid and Scholarship Services supports the University’s mission by providing access and equal opportunity for financial assistance to eligible students through federal, state, institutional, and private sources regardless of sex, color, age, or other circumstances. We believe that a college education is possible for everyone, and knowing your financial aid options can help you achieve your desired education. New Mexico State University is dedicated to providing as many opportunities as possible for incoming and continuing students.

Did you know that 77% of our student population has qualified for Financial Aid?

Did you know that the average financial aid award package for 2016-17 was $9,026?

Estimate Your Aid

How much does it cost to attend NMSU?

Visit our Cost of Attendance page to see how much it may cost to attend NMSU. You’ll be able to view an example Student Budget, download the Out-of-Pocket Cost Worksheet, and find links to our Tuition Rates, and Housing and Meal Plan costs.

Cost of Attendance

What types of aid are available?

There are several types of aid available, including federal and state grants and work-study, and federal loans. To be eligible for federal financial aid, you will need to complete an application.

Learn About the Financial Aid Process

Who is eligible to receive aid?

We encourage everyone to submit a FAFSA, but there are eligibility requirements to receive aid.