No personal, academic or financial information can be dispensed to individuals other than to the individual to whom the information pertains without valid photo identification. There are no exceptions to any of these rules, in accordance with The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99).

As part of continuing efforts to safeguard your private information, University Financial Aid and Scholarship Services reminds you that valid photo identification is required for all transactions conducted in-person in the Financial Aid Office.

Proxy Access

NMSU Students may provide “proxy access” to parents/guardians/spouses/friends as desired by going online at myNMSU using the Proxy Access tab. Students can itemize the areas to which their proxies may have access; for example, students may wish their proxy to be able to view the tuition bill, financial aid requirements, academic grades, or schedule. By setting up proxy access, the student permits their proxy to view such information online, as well as their proxy to have discussions about such information with University staff members.

Just as a reminder, specific personal, academic, or dollar amount information will not be dispensed over the phone, without exception. Callers are reminded to have their Aggie ID Number ready when calling.

Student Instructions for Adding a Proxy User:

  1. Log into myNMSU with NMSU User Name and Password.
  2. Click on Banner Self Service (located under Quick Links)
  3. Click the Proxy Access Tab and read the instructions.
  4. Click on Add Proxy.
  5. Enter your information and click on Add Proxy.
  6. Continue the process by expanding the Proxy.
  7. Complete the required fields.
  8. Go to the Authorization tab. Select the check boxes next to the information you wish for your proxy to be able to view.

PLEASE NOTE: While you are completing the above steps, your proxy will be receiving emails instructing them on their next steps to finalize their access. Thus, it is important that you complete all steps in sequence at one time to ensure your proxy doesn’t experience any issues with finalizing their access.

Want to know more? Visit the Proxy FAQs page.