The New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship is automatically awarded to qualified students beginning the second semester of their freshman year. No application is necessary; however, we strongly recommend that you complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).


  • New Mexico resident.
  • Effective for new students incoming Fall 2018, due to new legislation, students must enroll at NMSU within 16 months following:
    • Graduation from a New Mexico high school
    • Earning a New Mexico certificate of completion
    • Receiving a New Mexico high school equivalency credential. (Home-school students must have a high school equivalency credential dated prior to the entering semester.)
  • First-time enrolled degree-seeking student
  • Pass 15 graded credit hours by the end of the first semester (12 credit hours at a 2-year institution).
  • Earn a 2.5 GPA or greater for the first semester.


  • Complete 15 graded credit hours each semester (12 credit hours at a 2-year institution)
  • Maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA or greater
  • Maintain consecutive enrollment

This scholarship is valid for seven semesters total (three at a 2-year institution and transferable to a 4-year university) or until you earn a bachelor’s degree, whichever comes first.

The scholarship amount for all students is the same. The amount of the Lottery Scholarship is set annually by June 1 by the New Mexico Higher Education Department and can only be applied to tuition. Students are responsible for unpaid tuition and fees, unless other scholarships or grants cover these costs.

Lottery Scholarship Appeal Process

If renewal requirements for the Lottery Scholarship are not met, the student has the right to appeal the loss of eligibility for the scholarship.

  • If an appeal is submitted AND approved, the student will be put on probation for the following semester of enrollment. During the probationary semester, the student will be required to meet renewal criteria for the Lottery Scholarship. If renewal requirements are met during this semester, Lottery will be reinstated for the next semester of enrollment. If renewal requirements are not met, the student will lose Lottery funding eligibility for future terms of enrollment. Students may be offered Lottery funds during this probationary period.
  • If an appeal is submitted AND denied, the student will lose eligibility for the Lottery Scholarship.
  • If a student does not pass enough credits to meet Lottery eligibility requirements in the Spring semester ONLY, the student may make up the credits by taking courses in the Summer.

To submit an appeal, fill out the Financial Aid Appeal Form. In addition to the Appeal Form, you will need to submit a separate typed document explaining the circumstances that prevented you from maintaining the renewal requirements, and any additional documentation that supports your explanation. Please read all instructions on the form in order to submit the appeal correctly.