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Exit Counseling

03/15/2012: Billboard: NMSU student Gabriella Ferrari (photo by Darren Phillips)

What is Exit Counseling?

When a student graduates from school or drops below half-time enrollment, he or she will have a 6-month grace period before entering repayment on student loans. During the grace period, students must complete Exit Counseling. Exit Counseling will help you learn about your payment options and what you can expect once you enter repayment.

Find all your loan information within the Manage Loans section of your federal student aid account.

Exit Counseling is Required

Exit Counseling is a requirement for students at NMSU who took out any student loan(s). You must complete exit counseling before you can receive your diploma and final official transcripts. 

Complete Exit Counseling

Depending on the types of Federal Aid you have, you may be required to complete TWO Exit Counseling sessions: Federal Direct Loan(s) and the Federal TEACH Grant.