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Financial Aid Advisors are available to guide you through the financial aid process and answer your questions. When you are admitted to NMSU, you will be assigned a Financial Aid Advisor based on the last 2 digits of your Aggie ID. Find your Financial Aid Advisor below. Check out our virtual appointment page for instructions on how to set up an appointment. 

Graduate students wishing to schedule an appointment should contact their advisor directly using the information below.


Main Campus Advisors

Aggie IDs 00-16 Marina Padilla
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Aggie IDs 17-33 Kaela Salcedo
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Aggie IDs 34-50 Ryan Johnson
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Aggie IDs 51-67 Genevive Mendoza
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Aggie IDs 68-83 Andrea Radosavljevic
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Aggie IDs 84-99 Jill Hall
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NMSU Global Advisors

Global Aggie IDs 00-24 Nina McBride
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Global Aggie IDs 25-49 Lissa Forrest
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Global Aggie IDs 50-74 Jacqueline Enriquez
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Global Aggie IDs 75-99 Cecilia Ortiz
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NMSU Community College Financial Aid Offices

NMSU Alamogordo

Alamogordo Financial Aid
(575) 439-3855
Title IV Code: 002658

NMSU Doña Ana

Doña Ana Community College Financial Aid
(575) 528-7000
Title IV Code: E00876

NMSU Grants

Grants Financial Aid
(505) 287-6678  
Title IV Code: 008854

NMSU-Online General Information Center

Financial Aid Phone:1-888-729-6678
Financial Aid Email:


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