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Loan Servicers

A loan servicer is a company that handles the repayment and other services on your federal student loans. The loan servicer will work with you on repayment plans and will assist you with other tasks related to your federal student loan. It is important to maintain contact with your loan servicer. If your circumstances change at any time during your repayment period, your loan servicer will be able to help.

Who do I contact to get information about my loan?

If your loan is for the current or upcoming school year, contact the NMSU Financial Aid office for information about:

  • Loan status
  • Loan cancellation within 120 days of disbursement
  • Loan disbursement amounts and dates

If your loan was disbursed in a past school year, contact your loan servicer when you:

  • Change your name, address, or phone number
  • Graduate
  • Drop below half-time enrollment
  • Stop going to school
  • Transfer to another school
  • Need help making your loan payment
  • Have a question about your bill
  • Have other questions about your student loan

Who is my loan servicer?

Below are loan servicers for federally held loans made through the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan (Direct Loan) Program and the Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program. To determine who your loan servicer is, log into your Federal Student Aid account and review your full loan profile within the home dashboard.

ESA/Edfinancial 1-855-337-6884
FedLoan Servicing (PHEAA) 1-800-699-2908
Granite State – GSMR 1-888-556-0022
Great Lakes Educational Loan Services, Inc. 1-800-236-4300
MOHELA 1-888-866-4352
Navient 1-800-722-1300
Nelnet 1-888-486-4722
OSLA Servicing 1-866-264-9762
VSAC Federal Loans 1-888-932-5626