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FA Grading Options

To accommodate the extraordinary academic, social, and economic conditions created by COVID-19 in Spring 2020, the NMSU System will extend the deadline for opting into Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory grading for most undergraduate and graduate courses (Thesis and Dissertation sections have their own pass/fail grading mechanisms). Students may now opt-in to S/U grading as late as May 6th, 2020, and students will be allowed to opt for S/U in any or all of their current courses.

Students who fear that their grades/GPA, and in extent their financial aid (Satisfactory Academic Progress and scholarship requirements), may be negatively impacted by the changes or effects of COVID-19 are strongly encouraged to speak with their professors, academic advisor, and financial advisor to find the best solutions for their situation before making any changes to their enrollment or grading system.

For more information about grades and important deadlines, please visit University Student Records.

Please review the Aggie Guide to Support Services for other important resources that can assist with current changes.

FAQs About the S/U Grading System

The default grading scheme for students remains the same, e.g., traditional letter grades. For Spring Semester 2020 only, students may also opt to change their grading scheme to Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory (S/U) through May 6th, 2020. Students may also Withdraw (“W”) by April 17th, 2020.

S-Satisfactory grades represent a student learned enough to satisfy the learning outcomes of your course. For undergraduates, this means a C- or better, for graduates it can vary by department so they should check first. The key difference for students who opt for S/U is the grade is not used to calculate their GPA (for better or worse.)

“S” grades fulfill the prerequisite requirements for NMSU courses; “U” grades will not.

Before making any changes to your enrollment or grading system, you are encouraged to speak with your professors, academic advisor, and financial aid advisor to figure out the best solution for your situation.

The University Student Records Office has published a guide on how to change to the S/U grading system. For more information, please contact their office at