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President’s Associates Excellence Scholarship

The renewal requirements for the President’s Associates Excellence Scholarship are as follows:

  • Continue to be admitted to the Main NMSU Las Cruces Campus
  • Seeking a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Minimum enrollment of 15 new credit hours at the Main Las Cruces campus each semester following the first regular semester**
  • 3.25 semester GPA first semester and 3.5 cumulative GPA thereafter
  • Consecutive enrollment
  • 8 semester maximum or attainment of a Bachelor’s Degree (graduation), whichever comes first

Students who lose eligibility may only be considered for Lottery.

Students who lose their scholarship may submit an appeal for reconsideration due to extenuating circumstances.

** Developmental courses and other degree requirements that are only taught at the NMSU Community Colleges will count toward the minimum required hours.