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Legislative Lottery Scholarship

For information on the status of the New Mexico Legislative Lottery scholarship, visit http://fa.nmsu.edu/lottery.

The renewal requirements for the New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship are as follows:

  • Seeking a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Pass and complete 12 new graded credit hours at the Las Cruces campus each semester following the first regular semester**
  • 2.5 cumulative GPA each semester
  • Consecutive enrollment
  • 8 semester maximum at a 4-year institution or attainment of a Bachelor’s Degree (graduation), whichever comes first

Students who lose their scholarship may submit an appeal for reconsideration due to extenuating circumstances.

If initial eligibility has already been established, probation semester(s) may be granted to allow recipients to attempt to regain eligibility. Students do not receive the Legislative Lottery Scholarship while on probation. Probation semesters apply to semester maximums.

** Developmental courses and other degree requirements that are only taught at the NMSU Community Colleges will count toward the minimum required hours.

The amount of the New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship is subject to change by the New Mexico Higher Education Department or the New Mexico Legislature.