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New Mexico Scholars

The New Mexico Scholars’ Scholarship is for students under the age of 22 who have never attended college.

Award: Exact tuition and standard fees; book allowance

Eligibility Requirements:

  • New Mexico resident
  • New Mexico high school graduate
  • Enrolled by age 21
  • Admitted to the Main Las Cruces campus
  • Enrolled in 12 new credit hours at the Main Las Cruces campus the first semester**
  • 25 ACT or 1160 SAT or top 5 percent high school graduating class
  • Adjusted gross income or combined family income not to exceed $60,000 per year.
  • Completion of a FAFSA is recommended, otherwise an income tax return is required
  • Seeking a Bachelor’s Degree

Renewal Requirements:

  • Enroll in 12 new credit hours at the Main Las Cruces campus each semester following the first semester
  • Earn 24 new credit hours each academic year (fall and spring) at the Main Las Cruces campus**
  • 3.5 cumulative NMSU GPA
  • 8 semester maximum or attainment of a Bachelor’s Degree (graduation), whichever comes first

** Developmental courses and other degree requirements that are only taught at the NMSU Community Colleges will count toward the minimum required hours.