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  • All charges for a semester must be paid in full before refunds are permitted.
  • When a refund is due, the refund is returned to the financial aid program from which the aid was granted. Funds are returned in the following sequence: loan programs, grant programs, scholarship programs.
  • If you officially withdraw or drop a course during a semester, you may receive a refund of tuition and fees. Refer to the appropriate NMSU Schedule of Classes booklet for refund schedules and dates. Refund schedules apply when courses are dropped and a tuition adjustment is necessary.
  • No refund will be made on classes of less than six weeks duration.
  • In cases of academic or disciplinary suspension, eligibility for a refund will depend on the conditions of the suspension and will be at the option of the university.
  • Residence hall and dining hall charges will be refunded in accordance with university regulations and schedules adopted by these departments.
  • Federal regulations require a separate refund schedule for first-time students.
  • For details please contact the NMSU Accounts Receivable Office at 575-646-4911.