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Enrollment Status

NOTE: Please notify the Financial Aid Office if you will be receiving external scholarships, grants, employee/spouse/dependent tuition waivers, or third party payments to avoid a potential over award situation.

Non-Degree, Provisional, and DACC Admits

  • If you are admitted as a non-degree student, you are ineligible for financial aid. If you are admitted as a provisional graduate or undergraduate student, you are ineligible for aid. If admitted as a provisional student, your status must change to regular student within one year to be considered for financial aid.
  • At times, students who apply for NMSU admission are admitted through the DACC pending specific course work. If this occurs, your financial aid is processed by the DACC financial aid office. Once you complete the course work, you must officially change your status from associate-degree-seeking to bachelor-degree-seeking and from a branch-admission-status to a regular-admission-status. Do this at either your college or the NMSU Registrars Office.

Hours Enrolled

  • Undergraduate, full time status requires 12 or more graded credits, three-quarter status is 9 to 11 graded credits, half time status is 6 to 8 graded credits, and less than half time status is 1 to 5 graded credits.
  • Graduate, full time status requires 9 or more graded credits and half time is 5 to 8 graded credits


  • If you enroll at least half time and retain eligibility, you may receive some form of aid, for both undergraduate and graduate status, however for both undergraduate and graduate students the majority of aid is prorated (reduced).
  • Graduate students receive only loans, regardless of enrollment status.

Cost of Attendance

  • For both undergraduate and graduate students, aid amounts and cost of attendance amounts will vary according to enrollment.
  • Please see the Cost of Attendance page for more information.

Less than full time

  • Undergraduates enrolled less than half time may retain eligibility for grant funds but disbursement is delayed approximately 30 days and, again, the amount is prorated (reduced). Visit your financial aid advisor for assistance.

Repeats and Audits

  • If you audit a class, you pay to attend the class but do not receive credit for the class. Financial aid cannot pay for audited classes.
  • If you pass a class but repeat it for a higher grade, financial aid will not pay for the 2nd repeat of the class, nor does financial aid pay for 3rd or subsequent repeats of classes–whether you failed or passed the 2nd time you enrolled. However, some courses (specifically music, master, and doctoral thesis hours) are repeatable for a maximum of credit hours. Refer to the NMSU course catalog for details of repeatable credit hours. If you are enrolled in these music or thesis hours, visit your financial aid advisor for assistance.

National and International Exchange

  • If you attend another institution through NMSU’s National or International Student Exchange Programs, you retain your financial aid eligibility with NMSU. However, disbursement is delayed approximately one month.

Graduate and Second Undergraduate Degrees

  • If you are a graduate student, or are pursuing a second undergraduate degree, you are ineligible for grants. You may be eligible for workstudy, Perkins Loans and/or Direct Loans
  • Graduate students interested in assistantships should check with the individual departments or colleges for application procedures.
  • If you are pursuing a 2nd undergraduate degree, submit a letter explaining your situation and a current degree check list (signed by your academic advisor) that clearly indicates how many hours from your 1st degree apply to your 2nd degree.

Summer Sessions

  • Loans and/or work study are sometimes available if your financial aid file is complete and you enroll at least half time. Funds are limited and several restrictions apply so visit your financial aid advisor.