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Entrance Counseling

Parents cannot complete this step for their student!

All first-time borrowers are required to complete a loan entrance counseling session prior to receiving loan funds.

Continuing your education is a major investment in your future. If you decide to make loans a part of this investment, managing the debt you incur is a major responsibility. To ensure that you understand this responsibility and the obligation you are assuming, the Federal Government requires you to participate in loan entrance counseling prior to receiving a:

Important: Perkins Loans Entrance Counseling is completed through ECSI.

You can complete the Entrance Counseling for all other types of loans via the Department of Education’s Student Loans website.

Click the link in the left hand corner that says “Sign In”.

You will be required to sign in with your FAFSA PIN Number.

Once you have signed in you may be asked to set your preferences (language, email address, turn on/off email notifications).

Then you will be presented with the main menu in the middle of the page.

Select “Complete Entrance Counseling”.

It should take about 35 to 45 minutes.

Once you have successfully completed the entrance counseling requirement, you will be required to take a test. After you pass the test, a confirmation will be sent to the email address you provided during registration.