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The dates listed here are the deadlines by which a student must accept their Federal Financial Aid Award.

  • Loans: Must be accepted within 30 days of the first day of the current semester.
  • Grants & Scholarships: Accepted automatically on your behalf. There are no deadlines.
  • Work-study: Students must find employment within the first 30 days of class or funds will be canceled.

Application Deadlines

  • FAFSA applications open January 1st.
  • NMSU’s Priority Deadline is March 1st. File by this deadline to gain priority status for some aid.
  • Scholar Dollar$ is open October 1st – March 1st. (Please use Chrome or Mozilla)
  • For information about admissions applications deadlines, please visit Admissions.

Acceptance Information

For more information about accepting Loans, click the preceding link.

Disbursement Information

You may also want to view information about disbursing Scholarships, Grants,  Work-study and Loans.