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HED Complaint Process

NOTE: The New Mexico Higher Education Department is currently updating their website. Some forms are unavailable at this time. Please contact HED for more information.

NM Higher Education Department Complaint Registration

In accordance with Federal Program Integrity rules the New Mexico Higher Education Department (NMHED) will now review complaints regarding public and private post-secondary institutions in New Mexico, as well as New Mexico resident students attending out-of-state institutions.

NMHED will receive complaints that were unable to be resolved through the institution’s internal complaint process.  Generally, in order to file a complaint with NMHED, you must have already filed with and received a response from the institution which you are complaining against.  If you have legitimate reasons preventing you from filing a complaint with the institution, you must provide supporting documentation to that regard.

All submitted complaints must include:

  • Complaint Form
  • FERPA Release Form
  • A copy of the complaint that was filed with the institution and
  • A copy of the response/ruling received from the institution or
  • Supporting documentation why a complaint could not be filed with the institution.

The following form is only to be submitted if the complaint is medical in nature (i. e. it involves disability, injury, illness, etc):

  • HIPAA Release Form

NOTE: All Forms must be notarized.